In addition to the existing Mob Arenas, there are also special Valor Arenas that use a similar set of classes, which are detailed below. The Valor Arenas are detailed below the classes. When new Valor Arenas are released they will be added as well.

Valor ClassesEdit

Seeker - Short-Mid range DPSEdit

Resource: Valor

Passive: Windup - For every 25 hearts of damage the Seeker deals, they gain speed/jump boost 1 for 5 seconds, as well as 1 Blast Charge.


Drive [6 second cooldown][Generates 1 Valor]

- The Seeker lunges forward, dealing damage to all enemies in their path

- If more than 5 enemies are damaged by this ability, the cooldown resets and the Seeker is healed by 1 heart (only resets once before triggering the long cooldown)

- Using this ability after the cooldown is reset will not generate Valor

*Deals more damage to targets afflicted with weakness

Living Blade [3 Uses][12 second cooldown][1-3 Valor]

1st Use - Damages targets in a triangular area 5 blocks in front of and to the left of the Seeker

2nd Use - Damages targets in a triangular area 5 blocks in front of and to the right of the Seeker

3rd Use - Damages targets 5+(Valor/2) blocks in front of the Seeker

- Damages targets 3 blocks beyond the furthest point of the initial damage

Bombard [6 second cooldown][2 or 3-6 Valor]

Right click [2 Valor][1 Blast Charge]:

- Fires one blast charge to the seeker's targeted enemy, or to their target block if they have no entity targeted

- The blast charge explodes upon impact, damaging all nearby enemies and applying weakness 2 to them for 8 seconds

Shift right click [3-6 Valor]:

- Prepares all blast charges to be fired with regular right click

- Firing blast charges with this method deals more damage and weakens enemies for 2 seconds longer

- Switching off of the Bombard skill cancels the full barrage, but still consumes all the original valor

Sorcerer - Mid-Long range DPSEdit

Resource: Flux

Passive: Dissonance - Enemies that are afflicted with Dissonant Energy take additional damage from the Sorcerer's abilities. Dissonance persists until death, at which point it will jump to a random enemy within 5 blocks (if the killing blow is landed by the Sorcerer)

Arcane Spark [Basic attack][1 second cooldown]

- Damages all enemies 10 blocks in front of the Sorcerer

- Applies Dissonance to all enemies hit

Transfuse [6 second cooldown][Generates 1 Flux]

- Damages all targets afflicted with Dissonant Energy

- Applies slowness/weakness 2 to all targets for 3 seconds

Dazzle [15 second cooldown][2-4 Flux]

- Every .5 seconds for 5-7.5 seconds, enemies affected by Dissonant Energy fire beams of magic to other enemies also afflicted with Dissonant Energy, damaging all enemies in the path of the beam

- Applies levitation to all enemies hit for 1 second

Boundary [45 second cooldown][5 Flux]

- Creates a force field that protects allies within 3+(Flux/4) blocks of the Sorcerer

- All allies that are within the Boundary when it's activated gain absorption 3 for 20 seconds

- All enemies within the boundary when it's activated take heavy damage and are flung from the boundary and gain levitation for 5 seconds

- Any enemy that tries to enter the boundary while it's active is pushed away and gains levitation for 2 seconds

Ranger - Long range DPSEdit

Resource: Focus

Passive:Careful Aim - Headshots deal x2 damage to the victim, and every fourth headshot deals x3 damage and heals the Ranger for 1 heart [6 second cooldown]


Piercing Shot [6 second cooldown][Generates 1 Focus]

- Damages all enemies between 4 and 20 blocks in front of the Ranger

Noxious Trap [12 second cooldown][2 Focus]

- Sets a trap on the clicked block that lasts for 30 seconds, or until an enemy walks over it

- Once activated, the trap roots up to 8 enemies in a 3 block radius of the trap, and applies wither 1 to them for 7.5 seconds

Volley [30 second cooldown][4-6 Focus]

- Damages all enemies with 4+(Focus/3) blocks of the Ranger's target location every .75 seconds for 3.75 - 5 seconds

- Weakens all enemies hit for 1.5 seconds each time they get hit

Berserker - Short range DPSEdit

Resource: Bloodlust

Passive: Flurry - every third melee hit heals the berserker for 1/4 of the damage dealt, applies haste 3 for 5 seconds [3 second cooldown]


Grievous Wound [6 second cooldown][Generates 1 Bloodlust]

- Damages every enemies within 2+(Bloodlust/2) blocks of the primary target

- Slows all enemies by 20% for 3 seconds

Thrash [20 second cooldown][1-5 Bloodlust]

- Damages all enemies within 3+(Bloodlust/3) blocks of the Berserker every .5 seconds for 5 seconds (the AoE follows the Berserker around)

- Applies mining fatigue to enemies hit for 4 seconds

Anchor Howl [45 second cooldown][4 Bloodlust]

- Roots all enemies within 10 blocks of the Berserker

- Slows all enemies within 20 blocks of the Berserker by 20%

- Forces all enemies affected to target the Berserker

Defender - Short-Mid range Tank/SupportEdit

Resource: Resolve

Passive: Quick Reflexes - has a 25% chance to parry any incoming attack, nullifying the damage, and generating 1 Resolve

Passive 2: Blast Shield - reduces explosion damage to all players in a cone behind a defender with their shield raised


Shield Slam [6 second cooldown][Generates 1 Resolve]

- Causes all enemies within 20 blocks to target the Defender

- Damages all enemies within 3 blocks of the Defender

Reverberating Slam [25 second cooldown][2-4 Resolve]

- Damages all enemies 4+(Resolve/3) blocks in front of the Defender for 3 hearts

- Slows all enemies hit by 20% for 4 seconds

Shockwave [15 second cooldown][1-3 Resolve]

- Kicks all enemies 3+(Resolve/2) blocks in front of the defender into the air

- Damages all enemies hit for 1 heart

- Slows all enemies hit by 20% for 3 seconds

Cleric - Short range Healer/SupportEdit

Resource: Divinity

Passive: Beacon of the Light - heals all allies within 20 blocks for 1 HP every 5 seconds


Holy Light [6 second cooldown][Generates 1 Divinity]

- Heals an ally for 6+(Divinity/1.5) HP if they're within 6 blocks of the Cleric, otherwise just heals for a flat 6 HP

- Heals the Cleric for 1/4th of the initial heal

- Gives 1 heart of absorption to the Cleric's target

[While sneaking]

- Heals the Cleric for 6+(Divinity/1.5) HP

- Gives 1 heart of absorption to the Cleric

Calming Glow [15 second cooldown][3 Divinity]

- Applies regeneration 1 to allies within 5+(Divinity/2) blocks for 8 seconds

- Removes slowness/levitation/poison/wither/being on fire from allies healed

Light of Dawn [30 second cooldown][1-5 Divinity]

- Heals all allies within 3+Divinity blocks of the Cleric for 4-14 HP

- Applies strength 1 to allies healed for 10 seconds

- Gives 1-5 hearts of absorption(depending on Divinity used) to all allies healed for 20 seconds

Consecration [20 second cooldown][5 Divinity]

- Consecrates the ground at the player's target location, hurting enemies and helping allies who stand on it every .25 seconds for 5 seconds

- Damages enemies slows them by 40% for .5 seconds

- Applies strength and speed to allies

Valor ArenasEdit


LowerSpire is a large enclosed valor arena that has three separate levels; one large ring above the other two levels that features staircases to the middle level, which again features staircases to the large ground level of the arena. The arena has 30 waves, with a boss at wave 10, 20, and 30.

  • Emissary (Enderman) at wave 10
    • Beating Emissary and advancing to wave 11 rewards the player with 1 Badge of Valor
  • Alyulin (Evoker) at wave 20
    • Beating Alyulin and advancing to wave 21 rewards the player 2 Badges of Valor
  • Wilfred Wither at wave 30
    • Beating Wilfred Wither and advancing to wave 31 rewards the player 4 Badges of Valor


SpiresPeak is a small enclosed valor arena that sits atop LowerSpire. There is only one wave and one boss of this arena.


- Iron Golem with 1250 HP

- Starts out the encounter with resistance 4, speed 2, and strength 1

Positron Beam

- Every 30 seconds, the spire defense systems activate

- After charging for 5 seconds, the positron beam fires into the center of the room, dealing more damage to those in the middle of the room than those at the outer edge. Damage dealt is as follows, before individual class damage mitigation:

 - 30 hearts in a radius of 5 blocks of the center

 - 8 hearts in a radius of 10

 - 6 hearts for the rest of the arena

- Rocksteady takes damage from Positron Beam, and if it's within 5 blocks of the center of the arena when it's damaged by the beam, its level of resistance is lowered by 1

Purge Protocol

- Every 20 seconds, a pool of "disenfectant" is placed, with a radius of 3, at a random player's location

- Disenfectant damages all players in the pool for 2 hearts every second for as long as they remain in the pool

- Applies slowness/weakness 1 to players damaged by it for 4 seconds

- Disenfectant pools last until the player that was selected dies, or until they're selected again

- Rocksteady isn't damaged by Disenfectant, but it does apply slowness 1 to him for 1.5 seconds per tick


- Every 5%, rocksteady spawns a snowman to aid him in battle

- Snowmen attack the nearest player, and have 150 HP

- Upon damaging a target, the Snowcurity apply slowness 4 and weakness 2 for 5 seconds, and blindness for 2 seconds