Overview Edit

The Valor Shop is an in-game shop where players can exchange their Badges of Valor for special rewards. The items sold in the Valor Shop are almost all unique and unobtainable through regular means, making them very valuable.

Players can earn Badges of Valor by completing Mob Arenas or special events.

Weapons Edit

  • Shining Rapier - 12 Badges
    • The Shining Rapier has a different base chance of a piercing attack depending on where the player is in relation to their target. The piercing attack ignores all the target's armor, dealing 4 damage, and can only happen if the player's offhand is empty. Other than the piercing attack, the rapier always deals 4 damage, mitigated by armor.
      • From in front of the target, players have a base 5% chance, up to a max of 15%* of a piercing attack.
      • From either side of the target, players have a base 15% chance, up to a max of 27.5%* of a piercing attack.
      • From behind the target, players have a base 25% chance, up to a max of 45%* of a piercing attack.
        • Players have an additional base 1% chance, up to a max of 5%* of a critical piercing attack, ignoring armor and dealing a total of 12 damage to the target.
        • % chances depend on mcMMO swords skill of the wielder.
  • 'Howling Axe/Sword - 12 Badges' Each
    • The Howling Axe has a 25% base chance per hit, to a maximum of 75%*, to give the player a stacking Haste buff. Each successive hit that triggers the effect, the higher the Haste buff that the player will receive, up to a max of Haste 5. Once the player has reached the highest buff level, they can use the Axe's Right-Click ability which deals 4 base damage, to a max of 9 damage* to all entities within an 8x3x1 space in front of the player
    • The Howling Sword has mostly the same effects of the Axe, but due to its quicker swing cooldown, the initial chance to trigger the effect is 15%, to a max of 55%*. Its damage also scales similarly to the axe, but starts at 3 and maxes out at 7*.
      • % chances and damage dealt depend on mcMMO weapon skill associated with the weapon used.
      • When two howling weapons are equipped at the same time, the player gains a 10% increase to the buff chance, and +2 damage to the right click effect.
  • Stay Frosty (Bow) - 12 Badges
    • Has a 10% chance on hit to root the victim for 3 seconds, and then slow the victim by 60% for another 5 seconds. If that 10% chance doesn't occur, then it will slow the victim by 40% for 4 seconds, then slow them by 20% for another 4 seconds.
  • Six Shooter - 6 Badges
    • Not much more than a party trick at the moment, the Six Shooter damages the living entity the player is looking at for 3 base damage, to a maximum of 8 damage, depending on mcMMO archery skill. Right click fires, and right clicking while sneaking reloads the Six Shooter with Stone Buttons that are in the player's inventory.
    • Upgrades:
      • Magic Bullets - 6 Badges
        • Works the same way as Infinity does for a regular Bow. At least one stone button must be kept in the player's inventory to reload with, but otherwise ammo is no longer an issue.
      • Faster Reload - 2 to 6 Badges
        • Comes in 3 tiers. Each tier of faster reload decreases reload time by 0.5 seconds, reducing reload time to a minimum of 1.5 seconds (from 3 seconds)
  • Heavy Shield - 8 Badges
    • Right clicking with the Heavy Shield equipped in the player's offhand will deal 5 damage to the clicked entity, as well as apply Slowness/Weakness/Mining Fatigue 2 to the victim for 5 seconds. This effect has an 8 second cooldown.

Armor Edit

  • Iron Cicada's Wings - 10 Badges
    • Elytra with +4 armor, +2 armor toughness, and -10% speed.
  • Ethereal Armor - Total 42 Badges
    • Ethereal Helm - 12 Badges
      • Chain Helm with +3 armor, +2 armor toughness, and +6 max health.
    • Ethereal Chestguard - 10 Badges
      • Chain Chestplate with +8 armor, +2 armor toughness, and +30% attack speed.
    • Ethereal Leggings - 10 Badges
      • Chain Leggings with +6 armor, +2 armor toughness, and +30% knockback resistance.
    • Ethereal Boots - 10 Badges
      • Chain Boots with +3 armor, +2 armor toughness, and +30% movement speed.
    • With the entire Ethereal set equipped, players gain a set bonus in the form of Night Vision and Jump Boost I potion effects for the duration they have all 4 pieces of armor equipped.
  • Salamander's Cuirass - 15 Badges
    • Unbreakable Gold Chestplate enchanted with Fire Protection 10. Gives players complete immunity to fire damage for the duration it's equipped.

Utility/Misc Edit

  • Grasshopper - 15 Badges
    • A slime ball with the right click effect of launching you in the direction you're looking. It has an internal cooldown of 0.15 seconds when used next to a solid block, but a 3 second cooldown when used while there are no solid blocks within a 2 block radius of the player.
    • Solid blocks are anything that aren't air, water, glowstone, ice, packed ice, leaves, or any variant of glass.
    • Recommended as the first purchase by nearly everyone who's bought something from the Valor Shop, and is paired very well with elytra.
  • Portable Hole - 8 Badges
    • Bores a hole 10 blocks deep, with a 2 block radius in the direction the player is looking. It has a 6 second cooldown between uses, and only works in resource world.
    • Upgrades:
      • Depending on Upgrade Tier, the Portable Hole doesn't break certain ore blocks. The higher tiers also include all the tiers below. The upgrade cost varies depending on what tier is already applied to the Portable Hole.
      • Redstone Tier - 2 Badges
        • Coal and Redstone ores
        • Increases cooldown to 8 seconds
      • Iron Tier - 4 to 6 Badges
        • Iron ore
        • Increases cooldown to 10 seconds
      • Gold Tier - 6 to 12 Badges
        • Gold ore and Nether Quartz
        • Increases cooldown to 12 seconds
      • Lapis Tier - 8 to 20 Badges
        • Lapis Lazuli ore
        • Increases cooldown to 14 seconds
      • Diamond Tier - 12 to 32 Badges
        • Diamond and Emerald Ores
        • Increases cooldown to 25 seconds
  • Notch Apple - 3 Badges
    • Added because golden apples cannot be crafted with gold blocks as of the 1.9 update.
  • Shiny Gold Coin - 1 Badge
    • Right click to flip the coin, sometimes you get another one!
    • That's it.
  • 16 Dragon's Breath - 1 Badge
  • $5000 - 1 Badge
    • Mostly used as a benchmark for players selling their Badges of Valor, as to not over/underprice them, or have them subject to inflation.
  • Sword Mastery - 10 Badges
    • Right click to learn the ability.
    • Lets the player use any sword in their offhand, mimicking the Phantom Strike ability of the Cryptstalker from the Crypt MA. The offhand strike deals a base of 4 damage, increasing to 6.5 with a diamond sword with sharpness 5, and increasing even further, depending on mcMMO swords level, to a maximum of 11.5.
    • Applies Wither 2 - 4, depending on mcMMO swords level, to the target for 3 seconds.
    • Additionally, the player can right click at any time to parry any incoming arrow for 0.7 seconds after the click.
  • The Bear Necessities: The Art of Polar Bear Taming - 5 Badges
    • Right click to learn the ability
    • Allows the player to tame, ride, and breed polar bears.
    • Tamed polar bears function similarly to mcMMO, and benefit in the same ways from the player's mcMMO taming skill level.

Unarmed Stances Edit

  • Golem Stance - 5 Badges
    • Requires 50 unarmed to learn
    • Slower harder hits that knock enemies back farther
  • Wither Stance - 5 Badges
    • Requires 50 unarmed to learn
    • Sweep attacks and small life steal
  • Stray Stance - 5 Badges
    • Requires 50 unarmed to learn
    • Longer range, hits slow enemies.

Armor Re-skins Edit

Pieces of the Ethereal armor set can have their armor type changed to anything other than diamond. Be very careful with which armor type you swap to, as the durability remains the default for that tier.

  • Change to Iron - 3 Badges per piece
  • Change to Chain - 2 Badges per piece
  • Changed to Gold - 1 Badge per piece(not recommended)
  • Changed to Leather - 1 Badge per piece(not recommended)

Custom Helmet Edit

Players can transfer the stats from a conventional helmet of armor to any single item that doesn't have durability. Transferring can be reversed, and the transfer can go from one custom helm to another, however a transfer cannot be cancelled or reverted. Creating a Custom Helmet costs 5 Badges, and transferring back to a Regular Helmet costs 2 Badges.

  • Example: Transferring from a Regular Helmet to a Custom Helmet
    • Right clicking on the "Regular Helmet to Custom Helmet" sign once will select the helmet you want to transfer the stats from.
    • Right clicking a second time will take the Regular Helmet out of your inventory
    • Right clicking a third time (within 5 seconds of the second click) with the Item you want the stats transferred to will permanently delete your Regular Helmet and charge you 5 Badges, leaving you with only the finished Custom Helmet.
      • If you change your mind and don't click a third time, your Regular Helmet will be returned to you after 6 seconds. If you don't have any inventory space for it, you'll be spammed with a message telling you to open up space until the helmet is returned safely.
    • All these instructions apply to the "Custom Helmet to Regular Helmet" sign as well. 
    • "Regular Helmet to Custom Helmet" sign also works for transferring stats from a custom helmet to another custom helmet.

Enchanting Edit

  • Axes can be enchanted with Looting III and/or Fire Aspect II for 2 Badges per enchant.
  • Elytra can be enchanted with any form of protection for 2 Badges per enchant.
  • Any item already enchanted with Unbreaking III can be enchanted with Unbreaking IV for 3 Badges.

Artifact Trader Edit

Now in the Valor shop is a lone trader, that specializes in artifacts found throughout the world, and can use items found by the player to create new and powerful items.

  • Totem of Undying - 8 Wheat and a Dusty Emerald
    • Dusty Emeralds drop from Evokers.
    • Provides a way to buy a life. Finally.
  • Infinite Bucket - Water Bucket and 3 Twinkling Sea Crystals
    • Twinkling Sea Crystals drop from Elder Guardians.
    • Does what it says on the label. A true infinite water source.
  • Mob Scarecrow - Armor Stand and a Withered Heart
    • Withered Hearts drop from Withers.
    • Mob Scarecrows stop mobs from spawning in a default 20 block radius, and can expand up to 50 blocks by "feeding" the Mob Scarecrow up to an additional 5 Withered Hearts.
  • 32 sticks of Quickfuse Dynamite - 32 Blaze Rods and one Rune of Kinesis
    • Gives you 32 sticks of Dynamite. Right clicking throws the stick, which blows up after 2 seconds.
  • Particle Wand - a Stick and Dragon's Breath
    • Enables the player to place cosmetic particles. Left clicking increases the radius, shift left clicking reduces the radius. Right click cycles through available particle options, and shift right click places the particles.
  • Wither Rose - Rose Bush and a Withered Heart
    • Easy way to obtain Wither Roses.
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