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The ValorShop

The Valor Shop is an in-game shop where players can exchange their Badges of Valor for special rewards. The items sold in the Valor Shop are almost all unique and unobtainable through regular means, making them very valuable.

Players can earn Badges of Valor by completing Mob Arenas or special events.

Valor Armor Edit

The Valor Shop features 6 sets of armor, each with their own special attributes and effects. Each piece of armor costs 5 Valor Badges, and only 3 of the 4 pieces of armor are required to get the Set Bonus for each individual set. Note that while mystical, each piece of armor has the same durability as its vanilla counterpart, but can also be enchanted and socketed with gems  just like vanilla as well.

Ethereal ArmorEdit

A set of chainmail armor charged with void energy, this set of armor gives the wearer damage immunity for one hit after 20 seconds of not taking damage. The set also gives Jump Boost and Night Vision, which can be disabled at will when wearing the set by using /ethereal.

Salamander ArmorEdit

A set of iron armor charged with nether energy, this set of armor gives the wearer full immunity to fire and lava damage. In fact, the damage from fire and lava instead heals the wearer, making this set ideal for exploring the Nether. It'd be wise to consult the Lexicon to look for enchantments that would fit well on the Salamander set.

Deep Sea Diving SetEdit

A set of leather armor and a bonus included diving helmet, charged with oceanic energy, this set of armor seems useless at first. But once underwater, the set grants the wearer with Night Vision, Water Breathing, and Haste II. The set also provides full knockback immunity under water, and removes that pesky Mining Fatigue.

The Huntsman SetEdit

A set of leather armor charged with the pure energy of nature, this set of armor grants the wearer with Speed and Night Vision. While holding a bow, the wearer becomes Invisible to nearby mobs. Note that on Silver Springs Survival, Invisibility is buffed to a natural 2 meter notice distance, with an extra 2 meters for each piece of Huntsman Armor worn. This makes the maximum invisibility range 10 meters with all 4 Huntsman armor pieces worn. Note that only 3 pieces are required for the set bonus.

Landing a headshot marks the target for death by wolves, and all available owned wolves within 16 meters will target that.. target. This gives the wolves Speed III and double damage. Additionally, all owned wolves within 25 meters will heal 5% of the damage you deal, and all kills your wolves get will restore 0.5 hunger chunks. If full, saturation is restored instead.

Further, Polar Bears will deal 3x damage when being ridden by a Huntsman. 

Strongman SetEdit

This set of leather armor is charged with invigorating energy, superpumping the wearer. Sneaking within 0.5 seconds of an attack with result in a counterattack with the damage scaling based on the attack received as well as the wearers unarmed level, starting at 1/6th damage up to 100%, capping at 500 unarmed. 

Every two seconds, the wearer can gain a "Combo Stack" by attacking an enemy, and once three stacks are obtained, you can pick up an enemy with right click and throw them with right or left click. Any entity the enemy passes through will be damaged, and the enemy is damaged on landing. Be wary however, this power sends a warning to all other players nearby.

Mad Alchemist SetEdit

Temporarily unavailable for purchase.

Valor Tools Edit

A collection of Weapons, Tools, and special Armor available for purchase. Prices vary on the item, and each item is described below.

Howling WeaponsEdit

Costs 12 Valor Badges each

Upon hitting a mob with a Howling Weapon, there is a chance that the wielder can get a Haste stack, which grants Haste I for 5 seconds, unless another Haste stack is received in which the level of Haste is upped and the time is reset to 5 seconds, maxing out at Haste V. This chance is calculated by using the McMMO Axes and Swords skills, and is specifically 

25 + (McMMO axe level / 20) = % chance

15 + (McMMO sword level / 25) = % chance

for Howling Axes and Howling Swords respectively. The chances increase by 10% for each additional Howling weapon the user is holding.

Upon reaching Haste V, the wielder can right click to unlease a strong damaging atttack 8 blocks long and 3 blocks wide in front of the wielder. This damage is also calculated using the McMMO skills, being

6 + (McMMO Axe Level / 200)*2 and

5 + (McMMO Sword Level / 250)*2

with an additional 4 damage for every additional Howling weapon being held.

If the Haste effect runs out, the stack level will begin to drop by 1 level every two seconds without Haste. 

In addition to purchasing the Howling Sword and Axe from the Valor Shop, players can purchase the Howling Attribute to put on their own weapons for the same price. (12 Badges)


Costs 14 Valor Badges

A mystical bow with strong attributes not commonly found on vanilla equipment. Hitting a headshot will deal

(1.5 + (McMMO Archery Level / 1000))x Damage.

Additionally, for every 75 damage done with the bow, the wielder gains a Blast Charge which is used in the bows Buster Shot. The Buster Shot deals

(6 + (McMMO Archery Level / 150)) damage to all entities within a 4 meter radius, blasts them away from the user, and applies Weakness III to all targets. Buster Shot is activated on left click.

All drops obtained by killing with the Karru'Val is automatically deposited into the wielders inventory.  Vanilla Bows can be enhanced with the Karru'Val ability for 14 Valor Badges as well.

Heavy ShieldEdit

Costs 8 Valor Badges

When equipped in the offhand slot, right clicking on mobs or players bashes the target dealing 6 damage, as well as applies weakness, slowness, and mining fatigue I for 5 seconds. 

Iron Cicada WingsEdit

Costs 10 Valor Badges

Heavy duty Elytra with +6 Armor and +2 Armor Toughness.

Potion LauncherEdit

Costs 10 Valor Badges

Shift-right clicking the Launcher opens up a small menu where throwable potions can be loaded. The potions put in the launcher will be launched from left to right, and each individual potion launcher can be loaded with different potions depending on the use. Right clicking launches the potions at a much farther distance than regular arm throwing. 

Newton's Meteor Manipulator Edit

Costs 8 Valor Badges Similar to the Asteroids Weapon, right clicking summons a meteor that orbits the user that is similar to the block directly under the user. These meteors will always orbit the user until punched which sends the meteor flying in any direction, or until 30 seconds pass in which the meteor explodes violently

Hawking's Pocket WarpEdit

Costs 8 Valor Badges

Right clicking lets the user warp through space, up to 12 meters. Upon warping, the user gets very brief immunity to damage and also damages mobs around the exit point in a 3 meter area dealing 4 hearts of damage. The cooldown of use is 2 seconds, however if the warp kills a mob the cooldown is instant. Practice caution near cliffs!

Portable HoleEdit

Costs 10 Valor Badges Bores a hole 7 blocks deep, with a 2 block radius in the direction the player is looking. It has a 6 second cooldown between uses, and only works in resource world. The Portable Hole warps the ground directly in front of the user into the void and is a powerful tool for mining, however after 10 seconds the ground returns. Beware of suffocation!


Costs 15 Valor Badges A slime ball with the right click effect of launching you in the direction you're looking. It has an internal cooldown of 0.15 seconds when used next to a solid block, but a 3 second cooldown when used while there are no solid blocks within a 2 block radius of the player.

Shiny Gold CoinEdit

Costs 1 Valor Badge

Right click to flip the coin. Sometimes duplicates itself in the air!

Thats it.

Valor SkillsEdit

In addition to all the stuff currently available to purchase in the Valor Shop, there are also special skills that can be used if the appropriate mcMMO level has been reached. 

Swords Mastery SkillEdit

Costs 10 Valor Badges + Requires mcMMO Swords Level 125.

Lets the player use any sword in their offhand, mimicking the Phantom Strike ability of the Cryptstalker from the Crypt MA. The offhand strike deals a base of 4 damage and scales with the McMMO Swords Level.

Right clicking an incoming arrow parries the arrow.

Unarmed Golem StanceEdit

Costs 5 Valor Badges + Requires mcMMO Unarmed Level 50.

Makes an unarmed hit knock enemies farther back, and deal double damage to Zombies and 1.3x damage to everything else. Killing an enemy stuns all other enemies around you for 2 seconds + 1 second for every 200 Unarmed Levels.

Unarmed Wither StanceEdit

Costs 5 Valor Badges + Requires mcMMO Unarmed Level 50.

Gives the unarmed punch a sweeping hit, that also steals life from the target. This rate is between 10% and 25% scaling on Unarmed level up to 500 Levels.

Unarmed Stray StanceEdit

Costs 5 Valor Badges + Requires mcMMO Unarmed Level 50.

Gives the punch a Slowness II effect, upgrading to Slowness III at Unarmed 500, for 2 seconds + 1 second for every 100 levels of Unarmed after Level 200. Also lets you punch arrows away like nothing.

Bear TamingEdit

Costs 5 Valor Badges + Requires mcMMO Taming Level 50.

Allows the player to tame, breed and ride Polar Bears or Panda Bears. Works with the wolf Taming skills.

Llama RidingEdit

Costs 3 Valor Badges + Requires mcMMO Taming Level 50.

Allows the player to control Llamas like Horses.

Custom HelmetEdit

Players can transfer the stats from a conventional helmet of armor to any single item that doesn't have durability. Transferring can be reversed, and the transfer can go from one custom helm to another, however a transfer cannot be cancelled or reverted. Creating a Custom Helmet costs 5 Badges, and transferring back to a Regular Helmet costs 2 Badges.

  • Example: Transferring from a Regular Helmet to a Custom Helmet
    • Right clicking on the "Regular Helmet to Custom Helmet" sign once will select the helmet you want to transfer the stats from.
    • Right clicking a second time will take the Regular Helmet out of your inventory
    • Right clicking a third time (within 5 seconds of the second click) with the Item you want the stats transferred to will permanently delete your Regular Helmet and charge you 5 Badges, leaving you with only the finished Custom Helmet.
      • If you change your mind and don't click a third time, your Regular Helmet will be returned to you after 6 seconds. If you don't have any inventory space for it, you'll be spammed with a message telling you to open up space until the helmet is returned safely.
    • All these instructions apply to the "Custom Helmet to Regular Helmet" sign as well. 
    • "Regular Helmet to Custom Helmet" sign also works for transferring stats from a custom helmet to another custom helmet.

Artifact Trader Edit

Now in the Valor shop is a lone trader, that specializes in artifacts found throughout the world, and can use items found by the player to create new and powerful items.

  • Totem of Undying - 8 Wheat and a Dusty Emerald
    • Dusty Emeralds drop from Evokers.
    • Provides a way to buy a life. Finally.
  • Infinite Bucket - Water Bucket and 3 Twinkling Sea Crystals
    • Twinkling Sea Crystals drop from Elder Guardians.
    • Does what it says on the label. A true infinite water source.
  • Mob Scarecrow - Armor Stand and a Withered Heart
    • Withered Hearts drop from Withers.
    • Mob Scarecrows stop mobs from spawning in a default 20 block radius, and can expand up to 50 blocks by "feeding" the Mob Scarecrow up to an additional 5 Withered Hearts.
  • 32 sticks of Quickfuse Dynamite - 32 Blaze Rods and one Rune of Kinesis
    • Gives you 32 sticks of Dynamite. Right clicking throws the stick, which blows up after 2 seconds.
  • Particle Wand - a Stick and Dragon's Breath
    • Enables the player to place cosmetic particles. Left clicking increases the radius, shift left clicking reduces the radius. Right click cycles through available particle options, and shift right click places the particles.
  • Wither Rose - Rose Bush and a Withered Heart
    • Easy way to obtain Wither Roses.
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