Silver Springs Survival Wiki

The Void[]

The Void is a special void dimension that can be accessed a few ways, though the main way is directly through the VoidTek Research Station located at /spawn, which floats effortlessly in The Void. The main methods of travel through The Void lie in the ValorShop. Here, multiple portals have been built to control the destinations of these rifts in time and space, and are 100% safe for travel! While this strange dimension goes unnamed, simply referred to as The Void, a handful of researchers coined the name Soulthief.

There are 10 total locations to warp to.  The 9 common locales are open to the public, and are known as Terados, Ruined Temple, Red Temple, Soulbound, Winter Bastion, Rabid Den, Space Jam, Mystic Grove, and The Cabin. The remaining locale is an enchanted temple where Heirlooms may rest and wait for the future generation. While getting there is quick and easy, exploring these otherworldly locations prove to be quite challenging, and it is recommended to be well equipped before adventuring to any part of The Void…

It appears that The Void is overrun with rampant arcane energy that is summoning monsters across the dimensions. It’s apparent that the problem cannot be handled alone. Band forces and work together to slay these arcane mobs, gather their runic energy, and study the properties of these runes to unlock the secrets of Runecrafting.