Silver Springs Survival Wiki

The Purge[]

The Purge is a traditional event held on Silver Springs Survival. As the name suggests, during The Purge almost all rules are null. Almost any (server) crime is legal and plenty of players set out on the open map to hunt down each other.

During The Purge, you can kill anyone and be killed by anyone. Silver is used to purchase Purge Tickets for the Grand Lottery that will run throughout the Purge. Killing a player rewards you with 10% of their ready cash and Purge Tickets. You will not lose your inventory during The Purge. At the end of The Purge, the Grand Lottery will draw and the winner will receive an extra powerful advantage going into the next map. 

We are currently preparing to enter The Purge. The Purge will run from April 6th to April 10th. Steel thy shovel![]