Silver Springs Survival Wiki


The Starter Kits are special welcoming kits intended to give players a boost in their desired playstyle. The Player can choose one of the five kits only once, meaning that there is a limit of one kit per player. Each kit provides tools, weapons, and materials needed to start playing your own way, as well as level boosts in specific McMMO skills. Each of the Starter Kits and their contents can be found below.

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Exploring Starter Kit[]

The Exploring Starter Kit is perfect for those who want to jump right into exploring and survivng.

  • Unbreakable Stone Sword with Looting I.
  • Iron Boots.
  • Iron Helmet.
  • 8 Golden Carrots.
  • +15 Levels in the Swords McMMO Skill.
  • +15 Levels in the Axes McMMO Skill.
  • +15 Levels in the Archery McMMO Skill.

Mining Starter Kit[]

The Mining Starter Kit fits well with those who want to start their survival experience in the mines.

  • Unbreakable Stone Pickaxe.
  • Iron Chestplate.
  • 64 Torches.
  • 8 Steak.
  • +30 Levels in the Mining McMMO Skill.

Farming Starter Kit[]

The Farming Starter Kit plays well with people who love to spend their time farming.

  • Unbreakable Stone Hoe with Fortune I.
  • Bucket of Water.
  • 12 Carrots.
  • 12 Potatoes.
  • 4 Beetroot Seeds.
  • +30 Levels in the Herbalism McMMO Skill.

Fishing Starter Kit[]

The Fishing Starter Kit is excellent for people who live their lives by the sea.

  • Unbreakable Fishing Rod with Lure I.
  • Leather Helmet with Respiration III.
  • Leather Boots.
  • 12 Cooked Salmon.
  • +30 Levels in the Fishing McMMO Skill.

Woodcutting Starter Kit[]

The Woodcutting Starter Kit is superb for those that want to get a head start on that 99 Woodcutting Skill.

  • Unbreakable Stone Axe with Efficiency I.
  • Iron Leggings.
  • 16 Torches.
  • 12 Steak.
  • +30 Levels in the Woodcutting McMMO Skill.
    • Will not aid you in the Woodcutting RuneScape Skill.