Silver Springs Survival is a hard difficulty vanilla server for those who want to experience the basic gameplay that got them interested in the game in the first place. We are a small, friendly, community driven server that strives to be welcoming and friendly to new players while maintaining a mature and accepting environment.

SSS is simple, but we have a few plugins to enhance the vanilla experience, some of which were made by our own players specifically for us. Our plugins include, but are not limited to, LWC for chest protection, MobCatcher for mob transport, PlayerHeads to collect your friends' heads in the arenas, and SimpleHug to show your love of your fellow players with a hug or a squish! We also use Skript to create custom features, including custom events!

There are no tests or sign ups you have to do before playing, and there's no whitelist. You start off as a Player rank, and get promoted to Member once we trust you to follow our rules. Also, upon joining you are given the choice between a group of starting kits to get a head start on your survival adventure!

To join, simply use the IP: SSSMINECRAFT.COM

If you have any questions or problems please contact one of our staff members.

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