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Runecrafting is a special server exclusive feature that utilizes runes scattered throughout the Silver Springs Survival worlds and The Void. Each locale, accessed through the ValorShop, seems to radiate ample amounts of mysterious arcane energy, and subsequently strong monsters have been appearing in great numbers across the dimensions. The currently known rune-bearing locales are Terados, Ruined Temple, Red Temple, Winter Bastion, Rabid Den, Space Jam, Mystic Grove, and Soulbound.

Terados is charged with Gust arcane energy. The Vexes that have appeared throughout Terados may drop a Rune of Gusts.

The Ruined Temple is flooding with Tide arcane energy. The Guardians that swim in the Temple may drop a Rune of Tides.

The Red Temple is almost sealed by Stone arcane energy. The Husks that decay in the Temple may drop a Rune of Stones.

Near the Red Temple is a Volcano that is burning with Cinder arcane energy. The Wither Skeletons that have emerged from inside the Volcano may drop a Rune of Cinders.

The Winter Bastion is cursed by Mortus arcane energy. The Stray lost within the Bastion may drop a Rune of Mortus.

Near the Winter Bastion is a Cavern, Frozen solid by Chill arcane energy. The Bears that den in the Caverns may drop a Rune of Chills.

The Rabid Den is gifted with Vitality arcane energy. Unfortunately, the energy made the locals fiend for life force! The Killer Rabbits that run around the Den may drop a Rune of Vitality.

Space Jam is overrun by Shulkers radiating with Kinetic energy. The Skulkers that… are everywhere… in Space may drop a Rune of Kinesis.

Mystic Grove is home to a long line of Witches able to harness the power of Arcanum energy, the strongest arcane energy discovered to date. The Witches that inhabit the Grove may drop a Rune of Arcanum.

Soulbound is an under-ice cave riddled with Iron Golems fortified with Aegis energy. The Iron Golems in the area may drop a Rune of Aegis.

Each arcane creature has a 3% base chance to drop their respective rune. Each level of Looting adds a one percent (+1%) chance of a rune dropping. The Shulkers in Space Jam effectively have a base 6% chance of a rune drop, dropping both Kinesis and Aegis runes.

There are arcane creatures present in our world as well! Evokers will always drop a Rune of Arcanum when killed, Elder Guardians will always drop a Rune of Tides when killed, and a Charged Creeper will always drop a Rune of Kinesis when killed.

The MobArena Crypt rewards the player with either 2 Runes of Mortus or 2 Runes of Stones by beating wave 15, and either 4 Mortus or 4 Stones by beating wave 25.

Also, the Boardwalks ’s Claw Machine may have a Crusted Rune up for grabs, which when cleaned will reveal itself as a random rune!

So, what to do with all these colorful new runes you just got? Well, thanks to ongoing research, it is understood that under the right conditions, these runes can be used to enchant books with ancient enchantments otherwise unobtainable, by using the Arcanum.

The Arcanum[]

The Arcanum is a massive piece of ancient technology. It combines the functions of both a modern day enchantment table and anvil, and draws enchantments from ancient past when powered by a perfect runic combination. These enchantments are powerful each in their own sense, and are unique to Silver Springs Survival. Be warned, offering an incorrect combination of runes will result in a curse instead of an enchantment, and will consumes the runes in the process. Successful enchantments will instead give an ancient enchantment based on the runes given. It is known that each recipe is exactly 5 runes, with at least one Rune of Arcanum in each recipe. To use the Arcanum, right click the Arcanum when standing on top of it, while holding and item that the Arcanum uses. These items are:

Book []

While holding a book, right click the Arcanum and then right click one by one each of the 5 runes to use for an enchantment. The Player will receive an enchanted book back with the enchantment chosen. However, as mentioned above, failing to properly recite the arcane recipe will result in a cursed enchantment book instead. Important to keep in mind as, again mentioned above, each recipe requires at least one Rune of Arcanum Each first successful attempt is automatically registered in the Global Runecrafting Lexicon, which can be accessed with /lexicon. The Lexicon rests above the Arcanum. You can also access the full Lexicon here on the wiki by clicking any mention of the command /lexicon.

Enchantment Book []

Either ancient enchantment or modern, the Arcanum is capable of arcane manipulation previously unseen. As promised, the Arcanum is able to apply these ancient enchantments to its respective modern day item, which is detailed in each description of the enchantment in /lexicon. But alongside these new enchantments, the Arcanum allows for certain enchantments to be made to weapons that otherwise cannot be applied. These are applying Mending to an Infinity bow, or vise versa, for 15 levels of experience, and applying Fire Aspect or Looting to an Axe for 10 levels of experience.

Armor Gems []

Gems can be socketed onto Armor to give the armor special effects, or to make it stronger. The player must right click the gem, then the armor wanted to apply the gem’s power to the armor. More information on Gem Socketing can be found here .

The Arcanum and the Lexicon are delicate pieces of history, and as such are kept safe at the Library (/warp library) or can be safely accessed with /warp Arcanum or /lexicon respectively.