Overview[edit | edit source]

The Ruined Pantheon MobArena is a long but narrow Singleplayer MobArena with a Greek-style theme, much like the spawn. It is built like a Pantheon, although floating in a void and broken in a few places. See the picture below. It was built by Lumberjik, but modified by Starmarsh.

The cost to enter Ruined Pantheon is $500. Ruined Pantheon also has 10 rounds, tied with the retired MobArena Plague for lowest amount of rounds.

The MobArena Arena, Ruined Pantheon.

Classes[edit | edit source]

There's only one class for Ruined Pantheon, but it can be played a number of different ways.

  • Last Defender
    • Pantheon Defender's Armor (Chain Armor), all with Protection 2
    • Pantheon Defender's Gladius (Iron Sword) with Sharpness 3 and Knockback 1
    • Pantheon Defender's Bow (Bow) with Power 3, Punch 1, and Infinity
    • Pantheon Defender's Shield (Shield) with Protection 2
      • Red Lozenge
      • White Flower Charge
      • Red Cross
      • Red Chief Indented
      • Red Base Indented
      • Red Bordure
    • 2 Potions of Healing II
    • 1 Splash Potion of Healing II
    • 1 Lingering Potion of Healing II
    • 32 Weakness Arrows

Bosses[edit | edit source]

More information needed.

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