Silver Springs Survival Wiki

Research Scraps[]

Research scraps are fragments of notes on the arcanum and its strange power, as written by an unknown explorer. They can be found scattered throughout the survival world encased in a strange shrine. There are 10 diffe

An example of an Arcanum Research Scrap Shrine

rent types of scraps to be found, each representing one of the 10 types of Runes. They can be told apart by the stained glass design on the inside of the shrine, as well as the different colored glass and candles. The writing on the Research Scrap will also be the same color. Note: Not all biomes may contain a Research Scrap.

The Research Scraps, once all have been collected, can be exchanged for the Runic Tome at the Valor Shop 's Artifact Trader

Biome List[]

Each Research Scrap and its appropriate biomes are listed below.

Research Scrap of... ...can be found in...
Gust Plains
Tide Beaches
Stone Mountains
Cinders Deserts
Mortus Swamps
Chill Snowy Tundras
Vitality Any Forest Biome
Kinetic Savannas
Aegis Mesas
Arcanum Dark Oak Forests