Silver Springs Survival Wiki

The Prize Tent

The Boardwalk features a prize tent area where the player can exchange their tickets for fabulous prizes!

Ticket balance can be checked at any time using /tickets. Also, talk to Clark. He's cool.


1750 Tickets each.

Modulators are special little items that allow the player to impersonate a creatures ambient noises, as well as injury noises when the player takes damage. Right click the modulator while holding one to activate it. Only one modulator can be active at a time, and the modulator must be in the player’s inventory to remain active. There are 29 modulators available to purchase at this time. These are:

Pig Chicken Slime Vex Bat Blaze Enderman Cow
Zombie Polar Bear Cat Silverfish Skeleton Witch Wolf Villager
Parrot Shulker Llama Sheep Spider Ghast Zombie Pig Iron Golem
Horse Panda Fox Phantom Ravager


Whacking Mallet []

1000 Tickets.

Creatures hit by the Whacking Mallet are shoved into the ground for a small period of time with a clanking sound effect. Mobs killed by the Whacking Mallet are more likely to drop a head.

Roman Candle[]

1500 tickets.

The Roman Candle will shoot copies of fireworks in the player’s inventory without actually consuming the firework. The firework is shot directly in front of the player, and acts as a missile launcher when used effectively.

Creeper Whistle[]

500 tickets.

Right clicking while holding the Creeper Whistle will play the sound effect of a Creeper priming to explode. Looking at another player and using the whistle will play the sound effect around the target instead. Great for trolling!

Eject Button[]

2500 tickets.

Right clicking while holding the Eject Button will kick the player from the server with a custom leave message chosen from a handful of over-dramatic exits. Awesomely cosmetic, yet effective!

The Claw[]

1500 tickets.

Using the Left click and Right click while holding The Claw lets the player push or pull (respectively) the entity they are looking at. This works on any entity capable of movement, including dropped items.

Chorus Juice[]

2000 tickets.

A bottomless bottle of Chorus Fruit juice. Teleports the player to a random location in a short distance. Does not work in spawn, except in PvP arenas. Has a 1.5 second cooldown, except when used in a PvP arena, in which case the chorus fruit juice has a 15 second cooldown.

Rodeo Horse[]

1000 tickets.

Gives the player a Horse Spawn Egg that spawns a pre-tamed horse that will let you practice the Arcade Rodeo minigame. This Rodeo Horse does not reward the player with tickets, but alternatively does not cost any tokens to play. Ideal for themed builds.

Overbaked cookie[]

50 tickets each.

Watch out.