What is a MobArena?Edit

A MobArena is a special minigame that is built by the staff and played automatically by all players. Each MobArena is different, however the rewards are, for the most part, similar, with a special reward for those who beat the entire MobArena. The party must beat wave after wave of mobs, with the occasional special wave to shake things up, and bosses to make a challenge for even the most experienced mob hunter.

Current MobArenas.Edit

Activated MobArenasEdit

These MobArenas appear green on /ma arenas, and are available to play.

Closed MobArenasEdit

These MobArenas appear grey/gray on /ma arenas, and are either incomplete or closed for a specific reason.

Past MobArenasEdit

These MobArenas are non-existant. You can still read about them by following their respective links.