Silver Springs Survival Wiki

McMMO changes and balances[]

One of the biggest plugins on the server is McMMO, a RPG-style plugin that tracks different stats and has different abilities based on said stats. To stop these abilities from being too overpowered, and to stop them from feeling like a mad grind, many changes were made to the plugin to fit nicely in Silver Springs Survival. The same list can be found on the private forums that was originally created by Mr_Simba , however an account is needed to view the list, therefore the list was brought here and modified slightly to remove first person explanation.

Here is an overview of the changes.[]


  • Shift right click to activate all abilities. Instead of just right click. For some reason Green Thumb doesn't follow this rule (you can right click blocks with seeds without sneaking to use it).
  • Squid Jesus awakens. AKA the renamed Kraken. His damage was also increased to 1.5 hearts from 1 heart, and has 100 health instead of 50.
  • Parties have been capped at level 1, but all of the unlocks (party chat, party teleports, item share and xp share) unlock at level 1 as well. The only thing that unlocks at level 2 (meaning it's not unlockable) is alliances, since Silver Springs Survival is not a PvP server. The party xp share bonus was also removed. Parties are mainly meant to be used for party chat.
  • Tree Feller Threshold (the max logs tree feller can cut) increased to 750 from 500.
  • Fishing treasures do NOT override vanilla, meaning fishing acts mostly like fishing in vanilla instead of all of the extra mcMMO stuff.
  • Items as Unarmed is set to true, meaning you can use most non-weapon items as if you were unarmed (stabbing people with organic carrots, for example).
  • Excavation drops have been largely rebalanced. A lot of the OP stuff (read as: diamonds and records) don't drop anymore, and the drops were made to fit the block they drop out of better. Examples are bones and gunpowder from soulsand, mushrooms from mycelium, dirt, and podzol, etc. Records are not on the drop list, but could be re-added later on. (and probably will soon. Let Mr_Simba know what you think!)


  • Linear xp curve drastically heighted. In default mcMMO, the xp needed to level is 1020 + 20 per level in the skill. The current curve is 1020 + 100 per level, so leveling in general is harder (and the gap between individual levels is more noticeable.
  • (Almost) all skill xp rates specifically adjusted. The main plan was to have the base xp curve higher, but there's no way to change just the xp curve and get it exactly how you want. Some skills should level faster than others (especially if they're tedious to level).
    Here's a breakdown of the xp multiplication per skill:
    • Acrobatics: 66.7% xp rate
    • Swords, Excavation, Herbalism, Axes, and Repair: 80% xp rate
    • Woodcutting, Mining, and Archery: 100% (normal) xp rate
    • Unarmed: 166.7% xp rate
    • Taming and Fishing: 200% xp rate
    • Alchemy: 300% xp rate

Basically, more useful skills or skills that have more active abilities are harder to level, and fun utility skills or ones that're hard or tedious to level have (drastically) higher xp rates.

  • Fishing xp per fish changed. By default each fish gives 800 Fishing xp. It's changed so the base cod gives 800, and then each rarer fish gives 100 more, for up to 1100 xp per clownfish (and this doubles to 2200 with the xp curve).
  • Feather fall multiplier decrease. Because Acrobatics xp is based on fall damage, mcMMO normally doubles xp gained if you're wearing Feather Falling boots (since you take less fall damage). It has been lowered to only +50%, so it wasn't so easy to grind with good boots.
  • Other general xp changes. Mr_Simba tried to just, in general, make the scaling better based on block/mob rarity or convenience. e.g. Acacia logs were made to give the most Woodcutting xp because they're a bigger pain to cut than Spruce (which gives the least). There's too many little changes like that to list, so here's a pastebin of that entire section of the config if you want detailed info.

Advanced Alchemy isn't listed here because its settings weren't changed. Any unmentioned abilities also weren't changed (e.g. Serrated Strikes).

  • Acrobatics: Max dodge chance is 20% still, but isn't reached until level 1000. The max amount of damage that can be negated by rolling is reduced (2.5 hearts for normal rolls, 5 hearts for graceful). Normal roll chance reaches 100% at level 500 instead of level 1000. Graceful roll chance reaches 100% at level 1000 instead of 500.
  • Archery: Max daze chance reduced to 25%. Max arrow retrieval chance reduced to 50%. Skill Shot gives +10% damage every 100th level instead of every 50th, and it caps at +50% bow damage (level 500) instead of +200%. Max bonus damage from Skill Shot is 4 hearts instead of 4.5 hearts.
  • Axes: Max bonus damage increased *gasp* to +3.5 hearts at level 750, instead of +2 hearts at level 200. Meaning eventually you can do more damage than default mcMMO, but not until later. Max critical hit chance reduced to 25% from 37.5%. Greater Impact knockback increased to 2x knockback instead of 1.5x. Armor Impact essentially removed (only 1% chance of triggering, and it only can deal 1% of durability damage per hit instead of the ungodly ridiculous default of 20%).
  • Fishing: Shake removed (thought it is possible that it could be re-added). Ice fishing unlock level increased to 100 from 50. Master Angler unlock level increased to 500 from 125. Master Angler fishing rate in boats/biomes reduced to +50% from +100%. Max vanilla fishing experience multiplier reduced to 4x vanilla xp at level 875 instead of 5x. Fisherman's Diet gives 1 extra hunger per 200 levels when eating fish, capping at level 1000 for +5 hunger (this is default behavior, just putting it here as explanation).
  • Herbalism: Max Green Thumb chance is obtained at level 1000 instead of 1500 (a buff! gasp!). Double Drops, Green Terra, and Hylian Luck removed. Farmer's Diet gives 1 extra hunger per 200 levels when eating veggies, capping at level 1000 for +5 hunger (this is default behavior, just putting it here as explanation).
  • Mining: Double Drops removed. Blast mining ore bonus removed completely (so overpowered oh my god). Blast mining max blast radius (4x) isn't unlocked until level 1000 instead of level 750. TNT is enabled in the resource world(s). Players do not take any damage from TNT (Mr_Simba would prefer it wasn't this way, but this will prevent trolling).
  • Repair: Repair Master max bonus repair reduced to +100% from +200%. Super Repair chance drastically reduced, with a max chance of 5% which is reached at level 100 instead of 1000 (so it's like a happy little gift when it happens instead of something you can permanently unlock and rely on, since it's overpowered as hell). Max Arcane Forging enchant keep chance increased to 75% from 50% (a buff! GASP!).
  • Salvage: Advanced Salvage unlock level reduced to 250 from 350. Arcane Salvage full enchantment extraction chance reduced to 20% from 32.5%.
  • Smelting: Fuel Efficiency removed (as if fuel is hard to get). Second Smelt max chance reduced from 50% from 100%. Max vanilla experience multiplier reduced to 3x instead of 4x. Flux Mining disabled.
  • Swords: Max Bleed chance reduced to 33% from 75%. Bleed damge to mobs reduced to 1.5 instead of 2.0. Counter chance increased to 50% at level 1000 instead of 30% at level 600 (this xp curve is the same, 10% per 200 levels. You can just keep going past 600 with our setup).
  • Taming: Sharpened Claws unlock level reduced to 500 from 750.
  • Unarmed: Max Disarm chance reduced to 10% at level 750 from 33% at level 1000, with anti-theft enabled. Iron Arm base damage increase reduced to +1 heart instead of +1.5 hearts, but max Iron Arm damage increased to +5 hearts at level 500 from +4 hearts at level 400 (scaling kept the same, but you can go higher than default mcMMO allows).
  • Woodcutting: Leaf Blower unlock level increased to 250 from 100. Double Drops removed.