The following information is about a MobArena from a previous map. The MobArena is non existant and cannot be found on /ma list. The information is still available for your reading pleasure.


The Hellfire Arena was a moderately sized arena with a Nether-like theme. It featured a netherrack ground with random fire patches, a quartz-prismarine spawning point, and a nether fortress-like structure that acted as a second floor. There is also no fall damage in this MobArena. Unlike DesertStorm, this arena had a view into the Class area. You can see a picture below. It was built by Jak and NinjaCreeper99.

The MobArena Arena, Hellfire.

Instead of healing potions, this MobArena had Healing Vials.


There were a total of 5 classes in Hellfire.

  • Blaze, "Pseudo-flight, good range, but weak melee."
    • Blaze Head with Fire Protection X
    • Blaze Torso (Golden Chestplate) with Protection VII
    • Stone Sword with Sharpness I
    • Blaze Rod that grants fireball shooting and flight:
      • Left Click shoots a fireball
      • Right Click sends the player flying towards where the mouse is facing, creating a flying effect.
    • 1 Healing Vial II
  • Zombie Pigman, "Powerful and fast, but not very tanky."
    • Pigman Head with Protection V and Fire Protection V
    • Pigman Torso (Golden Chestplate) with Protection X
    • Pigman Hooves (Golden Boots) with Feather Falling V
    • Pigman Sword (Golden Sword) with Sharpness V
    • 1 Regeneration Vial I
    • 2 Healing Vial II
  • Wither Skeleton, "Vampiric Effect on Mob Damage; high sustain."
    • Wither Skull with Protection III
    • Wither Ribcage (Black Leather Chestplate) with Protection V
    • Black Leather Pants
    • Wither Feet (Black Leather Boots) with Feather Falling V
    • Wither's Might (Stone Sword) with Knockback II and Vampiric Effect.
      • Attacking mobs heals you for a certain amount, based on your damage.
    • 2 Strength Vial I
  • Magma Cube, "Bouncy, Tanky, Flamey, and has pet wolves."
    • Magma Cube Head
    • Magmatic Compression Suit (Brown Leather Chestplate) with Protection VII and Thorns X
    • Magmatic Spring Legs (Brown Leather Pants) with Thorns X
    • Magmatic Boosters (Brown Leather Boots) with a permanent Jump Boost Buff.
    • Magma Shiv (Stone Sword) with Sharpness III and Fire Aspect II
    • 2 Healing Vial I
    • 2 Bones (Summons 2 wolves in play)
  • Ghast, "Pseudo-Flight, less convenient, more versatile."
    • Ghast Skull with increased Speed and Agility.
    • Ghastly Flight Suit (Iron Chestplate) with Protection IV
    • Ghast Tentacles (Iron Leggings)
    • Ghast Tentacle Ends (Iron Boots) with Feather Falling V
    • Ghast Talon (Diamond Sword)
    • Ghastly Quickshot (Fire Charge) grants fireball shooting and the force to push mobs back:
      • Left Click shoots a fireball.
      • Right Click pushes mobs back.
    • Ghastly Wings (Feather), Right Clicking allows the user to fly.
    • 2 Regeneration Vials I
    • 2 Regeneration Vials II


There were 2 bosses in Hellfire; one at wave 25, and one at wave 50.

  • The Boss at wave 25 was a Ghast.
  • The Boss at wave 50 was a Wither.
    • The Reward for defeating the Wither Boss is a Wither Skull