The Greenhouse MobArena is a large Multiplayer MobArena that resembles a greenhouse. It features a wooded-area with a large glass dome in the center. There is also a giant tree in the middle of the entire arena. See the picture below.

The cost to enter the Greenhouse MA was $1500, and it last had 24 waves. Greenhouse is currently inaccessible in-game.


The MobArena Arena, Greenhouse.

Classes Edit

Greenhouse has 3 classes that must work together to achieve victory.

  • Arsonist - Fire and Ranged attacks
    • Weapon: Crossbow - Flame 2/Infinity
    • Weapon: Blaze Rod - Fire Aspect 5/Sharpness 2
      • Right Click: Breath of Flame [30sec Cooldown]
        • A wave of fire pulses out in a radius of 5 from the block the Arsonist is looking at, dealing 2 hearts to all enemies caught in it, and setting them on fire for 8 seconds
    • 2 Instant Health II Potions
  • Thresher - Sword and Slashing attacks
    • Weapon: Iron Sword - Sharp 3/Knockback 1
      • Right Click: Hewing Slash [4sec Cooldown]
        • Damages all targets within 8 blocks in front of the Thresher for 3 hearts
      • Shift Right Click: Threshing Sweep [25sec Cooldown]
        • Damages all targets within 5 blocks of the Thresher for 5 hearts
    • 2 Instant Health II Potions
  • Botanist - Support and Field Control
    • Weapon: Iron Hoe - Aqua Affinity
      • Right Click: Tilled Land [15sec cooldown]
      • Places a patch of green particles that starts as one block, then expands one block every 1.5 seconds for 10.5 seconds
        • Tilled land applies slowness/weakness/fatigue 2 to all enemies that enter it for the duration they remain in it
    • Natural Remedy [4sec Cooldown]
      • Cures poison and fire on the target
    • Herbal Tea [15sec Cooldown]
      • Heals the Botanist and all nearby allies for 3 hearts
      • Applies regen 1 for 8 seconds to all players within 7 blocks
    • 2 Instant Health II Potions

Bosses Edit

There are 2 bosses in Greenhouse.

  • Fankriss (Cave Spider) at Wave 12
    • Beating Fankriss and advancing to wave 13 awards each player with 1 Badge of Valor.
  • Overtaken Sentry (Iron Golem) at Wave 24
    • Beating the Overtaken Sentry and advancing to wave 25 awards each player with 3 Badges of Valor.
    • Despite there being only 24 waves of enemies, Wave 25 consists of one lone squid to ensure all players who survive the Overtaken Sentry receive the 3 Badges of Valor.
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