Silver Springs Survival Wiki

External Links[]

Here you can find links to the rest of the Silver Springs Survival online community!

Private Forums to be up to date with changes and or to report any issues regarding the server.

We have a Reddit Page as well!

You can also vote for Silver Springs Survival on three different Minecraft Voting sites. Voting and using your in-game name when prompted will net you some in-game cash! These sites can be found here , here , and here .


There is a single donation rank. If you donate (minimum $10), you will receive one free public warp on the server (it will be in the server warp room at spawn - anyone can use it), and a [$] tag will be added next to your name. To make sure we know it's you, you can add a "special instructions" message with your in game name when you donate, or tell us when we see you online the email address you used so that we can verify it matches up. You can donate by clicking here and entering the information needed to process your donation. Donations are not instant however, it will take a small amount of time until your rank is manually set to Donor.

Note that donating is not required, and the server is not a Pay2Win. You can purchase the commands /craft and /hat in the adminshop for in-game currency, and you can also purchase a private warp there as well.