The Crypt MobArena is a large enclosed Multiplayer MobArena. It resembles, if not given away by the name, a crypt. It features a flat playing field with a small raised platform in the center, surrounded by 8 small pillars, with 16 large pillars near the edges of the arena. There is also some foliage growing through the roof. See the picture below.

The cost to enter the Crypt MA is $1500, and it has 30 waves.

The MobArena Arena, Crypt.


Crypt has 3 classes. None are mandatory for victory, but they each have their strong suits.

Leech - Each class' main weapon(s) heal them for a fraction of the damage they deal

  • Graverobber - Melee with potion effects
    • Weapon: Gnarled Spade (Iron Shovel) - Sharp 5 [1/3 Leech]
    • Shield: Coffin Lid [Required in offhand for Shield Slam]
      • Right Click: Shield Slam [5sec Cooldown]
      • Damages clicked entity by 2.5 hearts
      • Applies weakness/slowness/fatigue 2 to clicked entity for 3 seconds
    • 2 Instant Health II Potions
  • Cryptstalker - Melee with dual wielding
    • Weapon: Morose (Iron Sword) - Sharp 5 - [1/4 Leech]
    • Offhand Weapon: Mortuus (Iron Sword) - Sharp 1 - [Required in offhand for Phantom Strike]
      • Right Click: Phantom Strike [1.5 sec cooldown]
      • Damages clicked entity by 5 hearts
      • If the Cryptstalker is hit by an arrow 0.7 seconds after using the offhand strike, they'll deflect it and take no damage
      • Applies wither 2 to victim for 2 seconds
    • 2 Instant Health II Potions
  • Tombraider - Ranged with whip debuff
    • Weapon: Ashwood Crossbow - Power 2/Infinity - [1/15 Leech]
    • Weapon: Rawhide Lash (Lead) [1/2 Leech] [Required in mainhand for Lash]
      • Right Click: Lash [15 sec Cooldown]
      • Roots target for 3 seconds and damages them by 3 hearts
    • 2 Instant Health II Potions


There are 3 bosses in Crypt.

  • Nox (Cave Spider) at wave 10
    • Beating Nox and advancing to wave 11 awards each player with 1 Badge of Valor.
  • Grimm (Wither Skeleton) at wave 20
    • Beating Grimm and advancing to wave 21 awards each player with 1 Badge of Valor.
  • Lil Timmy (Baby Villager Zombie) at wave 30
    • Beating Lil Timmy and advancing to wave 31 awards each player with 2 Badges of Valor.
    • Despite there being only 30 waves of enemies, Wave 31 consists of one lone squid to ensure all players who beat Lil Timmy receive the 2 Badges of Valor.
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