Silver Springs Survival Wiki

The Boardwalk. Go talk to Clark. Hes cool

The Boardwalk as the name suggests is a long coastal collection of minigames and gathering spot for the people of Silver Springs, and features prizes that range from Tickets that can be spent in the Prize Tent , to Runes and Gems. There is also a fortune teller that gives hints for your most recent spawn secret. Instead of Silver, the servers common currency, the minigames at the Boardwalk use Tokens, which can be bought at the entrance, and Tickets, which can be won at the various minigames and exchanged for prizes at the Prize Tent .

One token costs 25 silver. 10 tokens can be bought in bulk for 250 silver. 64 tokens can also be bought at the same time for 1600 silver. To the opposite of the pier is a gathering area. Many local merchants mingle about promoting their special food goods available for purchase. Including Clark, the boat merchant. He's cool.

You can access The Boardwalk at anytime by using /warp boardwalk.


Striker is a simple minigame that costs one token to play. The player is instructed to push the button at a specific time and the player is rewarded based on how fast the reaction time is. The game bears striking resemblance to the simple strength bell minigame commonly found at Carnivals. Winning is simple, but can you strike the bell?

Claw Machine[]

The Claw Machine offers fabulous prizes in exchange for great claw machine skills. The claw machine costs one  token to play, and draws random items to throw into the machine for prizes. There are two Claw Machines in the middle of the pier. The most common items in the machine are Sticks, Rose Bushes, String, Bowls, Dried Kelp, and Tripwire Hooks. Uncommon prizes include 2 Ender Pearls, 2 Gold Ingots, and a Shiny piece of paper (that turns into 15 tickets upon pickup). Diamonds, Diamond Horse Armor, and Nautilus Shells are rare prizes to be won. On very rare occasions, the machine may offer a Crusted Rune or Crusted Gem, which when cleaned reward the player with a random Arcane Rune (1/10) and random Armor Gem (1/6) respectively.


Ever wanted to vent out your frustration on some staff members faces? Well now you can! Playing Whack-A-Staff will let the player smack the heads of the staff members for points. However, hitting a Zombie, Creeper, or Skeleton will result in a negative impact of your score. Whack-A-Staff costs 6 tokens to play, and the player is rewarded with tickets based on the amount of points earned. The point split is as follows:

Head Type Simba Lumberjik Jon Beccc Beri Frosty Wolfwoodnyo Zombie Skeleton Creeper
Points +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 -3, zombifies nearby heads -6, shoots the player -9, clears the board

Whack-A-Staff is on the second half of the pier.


The Rodeo is near the end of the pier, and costs 4 arcade tokens to play. The player can ride the Rodeo Horse to earn tickets in a minigame reminiscent of a golf minigame. Points are earned by jumping in the correct section of the jumping bar, which is seen right above the hotbar by default. The player can miss up to three jumps before being thrown from the horse. At that point the player is rewarded tickets based on their performance.


Clairvoyant is a fortune teller that resides near the end of the pier. Even out in the open, she emanates a strange aura. Clairvoyance will give a hint for the firstmost spawn secret that the player has not found, starting with #1. If the player has found the spawn secret already, the hint will be skipped. If the player has not found the spawn secret yet, the hint can be repeated at any time… for 2 tokens.